Founded in May 2016 by Steve M0HOY with the mandate of increasing radio activity through coordinating the linking of Repeaters and Simplex Gateways across the UK that in recent years had fallen into disuse.

Heading into its 6th year in May, HUBNet has pushed the boundaries of multimode Amateur Radio communications; with a great deal of work by Peter G7RPG and the support of many others, HUBNet has rapidly become the largest multimode AllStar communications platform based in the UK. 


AllStar (Asterisk)  (Jim Dixon WB6NIL) is a powerful yet easily configurable open source PBX Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  system that enables radio transceivers to connect with each other via the internet. 

Multimode Access

AllStar (Asterisk) along with HBLink & DVSwitch (Court N0MJS, Jonathan G4KLX, Steve N4IRS & Mike N4IRR has enabled us to transcode from analogue FM, and multiple digital modes including, DMR, Digital WiresX and D-Star.


If you use HUBNet, please consider making a donation towards the cost of maintaining the system.

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