The network test 'Ping' is used to test the internet between the HUBNet server and your router. It's an ideal way to do a quick test of your internet quality. It will measure the time and reliability for data sent from HUBNet to your router. When you click the 'Start Test' button, the tool sends 20 small packets of data to your router and measures how long it takes for the packet to be returned.

Please note, if your node is connected via Wi-Fi the results may not be accurate. Some routers will not respond to pings so results will show 100% loss.

Click the 'Start Test' button and then wait for about 20 seconds for the results to be displayed.

Understanding the results:

The information above shows the statistics of the ping, such as the number of packets transmitted, received, and lost (packet loss). The 'time' column shows the round-trip time of each packet in milliseconds.

Ideally you should see ping times around 20 - 50 ms, lower is better. The results should be consistent with no packets lost.

High levels of jitter can result in poor quality for real-time applications like Allstar. It will cause audio problems such as choppiness or even lost packets. Jitter should be very low, less than 20 ms, lower is better.